Google leaves the Play Store for education and free way to Apple and Microsoft


Google has thought better. The educational sector has been a driving force for the company in recent years, a place to start offering applications and services focused on students and teachers, and where tablets with Android became the silent protagonists of each class.

However, it seems that since Mountain View have rectified, the figures or perhaps the costs and revenues have not turned out as expected and in its new hierarchy of operations, with Alphabet as home to all these initiatives, there is no place left for Play Store focused to education. Not that the services were not powerful, perhaps it is that competition for Android manufacturers in this sector has been too fierce.

With this move, Apple and Microsoft are at the forefront of a market where Google is still present, yes, with Chromebooks unique and exclusively focused on the web and applications hosted on the web. To a certain extent, this has been the sector in which computers designed to run Chrome OS have had a better and better reception, either for its simplicity of use or for the low costs of computers, very focused on making it easy to use Of the web for the youngest and youngest.

A strategy that may surprise mainly by the users that the company leaves behind and used and bet hata then to use the educational version of the Play Store, and they will now have to see and value new possibilities that can make their academic courses a lot More productive and entertained by young people. Apple and Microsoft are rubbing their hands, not every day a rival of Google’s potential decides to leave a market, although it still maintains a component in this sector, but the strength of Android is not the same as all the repercussions that Chrome OS can achieve.