YouTube subscribers. Where and useful?

Today dear children, we buy YouTube subscribers. Whoever starts on YouTube today does not have it easy. If you make good videos, what many now make, you want to have subscribers. So why build the base normally, if there are different services, the YouTube subscribers sell and even very cheap. In this article I call you a few such sources, their prices and in the end, of course, also whether it is useful to buy subscribers.

YouTube subscriptions

Let’s start with Social Sponsor. In addition to Twitter followers, Facebook Likes, Facebook shares and Google+ followers, they also offer YouTube subscribers, views, and Likes. YouTube subscribers are divided into several categories.

From 1 subscriber, the fun costs 0,13 euros per subscription. You can also set a Fantargeting as well as where the subscriptions should come from. So all from Germany or just from abroad. From 100 subscriptions 1 subscription costs only 0.12 euro. So you buy 100 subscriptions, it costs 12 euros. 100 subscriptions is not much, so we say 500 subscriptions. Here it is then also cheaper, 0.09 euros per subscription. So that’s 500 euros for 45 euros. And 0.09 euros per subscription remains also from 2,000 subscriptions.

Let’s say you want to make Minecraft Let’s Plays. Want to push Gronkh from the throne. No problem, you would cost yourself at SocialSponsor 273.074,39 Euros. Then you have as many subscriptions as Gronkh. And even theoretically, without having a single video online.

YouTube Views

Subscriptions beautiful and good. Subscriptions alone do not bring you anything. So you need also calls. Sure, you now have millions of subscribers, but most of them – are dead subscriptions. So you have to invest money again in Youtube Views. This is also the case with Social Sponsor.

Also here in different packages.

From 1,000 views cost 100 views 1.10 euros. From 50,000 views only 0.30 euros per 100 views. And here, too, you want to overtake Gronkh. No problem. You need only 334,345,921.50 euros. Bargain. But here too, something is missing, and Likes and Dislikes.

YouTube Likes and Dislikes

Such purchased video views are usually generated by simply integrating the videos on well-visited sites. Or you pay the “viewers” cent amounts that these are watching the videos. Mostly, however, only via an integrated video player on a homepage. Without Likes and Dislikes. For Google you want to make the whole look natural.

So you buy Likes.

From 1 Like 0,20 Euro at Social Sponsor, Starting from 2,000 Likes only 0,08 Euro per Like. Cheaper than a subscription and a view. Only thumbs up, but is mist. So since you have dead subscriptions, you still need acted Hater. Belongs to this.

And they are also cheaper than normal Likes. From 1 Dislike only 0,10 Euro per Dislike. From 1000 dislikes only 0.07 euros per dislike. So strike!

I still have to “advertise” such a provider, otherwise it looks too much for advertising and my conclusion brings nothing. So I’m sorry

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