Multimedia: Dual camera only in iPhone 7 Plus

Apple improves the camera in the iPhone 7 compared to its predecessor only minimal – the camera provides a lens more and it now uses an optical image stabilizer. The real innovations are all in the dual camera of the iPhone 7 Plus with a wide-angle and a telephoto lens and 2x optical zoom. Too bad that the difference between the two iPhone-7-variants here is so crass! A separate camera test of the 7 Plus follows shortly from our camera professional.

To the photo quality, we do not have much to say, because the was / is already very strong in the iPhone 6s. We are again delighted by the fast autofocus, which allows for a smooth change of focus in video recordings. What is the dual camera in practice, we will next week at this point. But also the camera of the iPhone 7 brings to the opposite of the previous model already significantly improvements. Thus, the aperture f / 2.2 f / 1.8 increases, and with shadows better photos. We have in our office kitchen only the coffee machine light to donate, has come out the win iPhone 7 following:

iPhone 7 Mobility: Battery is good

The battery installed in the iPhone is not very large with a capacity of 1960 mAh. Even if he has to supply a significantly smaller smartphone display with power, the endurance is less than about the Android flagship Galaxy S7. The iPhone 7 creates in the Akkutest Dauer-Surffen a time of 7:49 hours. In this test, a script in the browser calls a new web page at 75% brightness every few seconds. In the evening, the device must be plugged back into the socket, in case of intensive use even earlier. Just like the iPhone 7 Plus, its battery with 2900 mAh is somewhat larger, but only lasted for about 40 minutes longer.

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