Clash Royale Attacks with lava hound!

The clash royale ¬†lava hound is a majestic, flying beast attacking buildings. The lava pups are less majestic, evil babies who attacks everything! The cost is 7! elixir, this is the most expensive legendary card lava dog can find from league 4: P.E.K.K.A. playground. In this arena you can find two simple, two rare, epic two and one legendary card. Because the lava dog a Clash Royale¬†legendary card you will not find as quickly an ordinary coffin. If you want to get this card quickly you better buy some super magic chests. In these cases the odds are much greater that you then find a legendary card in a silver / golden chest (it is of course that you find this card in a ‘simple’ box)

Clash Royale Attacks with lava hound!

When you are in possession of this card, it is wise to build your deck around this card. This lava hound will be your “main card.” All the other cards will support. Due to the high life points of the card will almost always reach the tower of your opponent, because this tank already absorbs the damage you can play back different cards here that can inflict a lot of damage (Wizard / balloon / minions / …) When an expensive card playing is always wise to take along a little faster Clash Royale elixir elixirpomp so you can make your opponent! When I played the lava dog I always keep the arrows / poison spell ready to stop my opponent off / slow. When you play these cards in the right order, this will create a very strong combination and (almost) always have the benefit of an arena tower.

Clash Royale Defending against alava hound

Because of the high points of life, this card will have to try to stop him as soon as possible. Speerkobolden deliver enough damage, you will already have to rely on a clashroyalehack / magician to stop it. My personal preference is for hurdle minions or three musketeers. These two cards can inflict enormous damage in a short time the lava dog. Another way is to use a inferno tower. Due to its increasing damage this lava dog will turn off soon. Make sure you have a backup of the lava puppies.

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