The best kids sports by age

Are you looking for a sport activity for your child? The first thing is to talk to him slowly and in depth. He has to be the one who decides what sport he wants to practice because it must be fun. You can help him discover the advantages and disadvantages of different options, advise him according to his abilities and his tastes … but, finally, he has to be the one who is satisfied with his choice. It does not matter whether you try several or do a little bit of everything. It is not a matter of creating a sports professional, but of doing physical exercise.

But if you are especially skilled or willing to improve, get in touch with a professional who advises you the most appropriate way to progress for your age, bearing in mind that the sports career requires a great effort both physical and psychological and is not always advisable For a child. And if you move to the competition, never forget that when the sport becomes something whose only goal is victory, it will cease to be fun and lose many of its advantages. Here we point out the main ones according to the sport practiced.

The best kids sports

Sports and the age of the child

  • Martial arts: judo or karate. They favor the coordination of movements. They are progressive activities that are easily adapted to each child, so they can start very early, around four years.
  • Swimming. It is the sport par excellence, improves coordination and endurance and, moreover, it is very advisable to correct postural problems such as scoliosis. Another advantage is that it can be started from baby.
  • Biking. The child will begin to pedal and show a little balance around 3 years and you can go teaching him to ride a bike. By the age of five, he will break free from the wheels, a perfect moment to take to the long walks. Cycling is a great sport to share with family.
  • Tennis or paddle. It provides strength and power, while favoring visomanual coordination. It is a technically demanding sport that can start between 4 and 6 years, depending on the child’s psychomotor development but always in small groups and with a specialized monitor.
  • Team sports. Football, basketball or handball, among others, in addition to working out physical fitness, motor skills and coordination, serve the child to interact and learn to cooperate with the group developing game strategies. They are very advisable for any child, especially for single children or those who do not have siblings of their age. The child will benefit from these sports around 7 years.
  • Ski. In the physical terrain, it improves the balance and strengthens the musculature. In the personal field puts the child in contact with nature and can be practiced as a family. It can be started always with monitor and in group by the 4 years.
  • Canoeing. It requires great physical resistance, so it is suitable for children already accustomed to physical activity, from 10 or 12 years.
  • Rhythmic gymnastics. It is a progressive sport that favors, above all, flexibility, but it must be practiced in a moderate way, since its excess can have undesirable consequences on a body that is still in development. It can start at around 6 years.
  • Skating. Develops balance and coordination of movements. If it is practiced as a sport, it is a demanding activity that requires many hours of training. It can start at around 8 years.
  • Fencing. It develops coordination, balance, speed of response and self-control. It is a very technical sport that requires good form and training. From the age of 8, the child can begin to deal with fencing.

A lot of advantages

What does the practice of sport bring to the child? These are the main benefits:

  • It is good for the physical form: coordination of movements, greater resistance and strength, prevention of obesity, health enhancement …
  • Improves self-esteem: more self-confident and more fighter enhancing his ability to resist frustration and increasing his tenacity to achieve a desired goal. It also helps you to accept your limitations.
  • Help your socialization: teach you to cooperate with the group in pursuit of a common goal.
  • It becomes a hobby, which helps you to fill a large part of your leisure time in a healthy way, which is very important in the face of adolescence to prevent the approach to drugs and drink or simply abuse of practices Sedentary as watching television or playing with the game console.

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